6 best colic remedies for baby

6 best colic remedies for baby

What is colic?

All newborns cry and get restless at times. During their first three months of life, babies cry more than at any other time. A newborn during the day may feel discomfort, and already from three weeks, he can actively show parents that something is bothering him. But if the baby cries for more than 3 hours a day for several weeks, most likely, he suffers from colic.

Crying due to colic

You can find out more precisely whether your child is prone to colic when he is about 6 weeks old. Such a cry is difficult to confuse with something else. He seems tense, loud and inconsolable, as colic hurts and discomforts for babies.

The causes of colic are still not fully understood. Most often, pediatricians explain their occurrence by the immaturity of the digestive tract of infants. Also among the reasons are called dysbiosis, increased sensitivity of the child and especially nutrition (sucking). When the baby has an attack of colic, he cries, pressing his legs to his stomach, which at this time becomes swollen and tight.

The best way to receive the diagnosis is to consult with your pediatrician.

Among the symptoms when it has colic of the infant:

  • Sudden and intense crying, towards the last hours of the day
  • Irritability in the baby
  • Lift arms and legs
  • Redness

How to help baby

You can independently help your baby ease this condition. Since newborns often swallow air during feeding, after the baby has eaten, hold it upright so that it is easier to burp. During the day, lay the baby on the tummy and wear it vertically, do a light massage of the abdomen, which facilitates digestion. The most important thing is to be near, the baby will feel your closeness, and it will be easier for him to calm down.

There are a number of tips that you should keep in mind before performing the massage to improve your baby’s cramping:

  1. Just relax. Baby’s crying can make us stressed, tense, or simply upset. The best time to perform a massage is outside the crying crisis. It would be counterproductive to try to apply the massage to the baby when he is crying.
  2. Take a comfortable position, both for you and your baby. Use a towel around your baby to give it containment.
  3. The maneuvers should not produce pain. We do not want the baby to be stressed again and cry again.
  4. Give your baby time to relax. Put your hands on your abdomen and make gentle pressure with small movements, to associate the pressure as something positive.

Proven massage to improve infant colic

Once your baby is relaxed, the movements to perform for the massage are as follows:

  • ILU (‘I Love You’).

    Start on the left side of your baby. Draw a line with your hands on your baby’s abdomen, in the direction from his head to his feet. Then make a horizontal line on your abdomen, just below your ribs and continue along the line you drew before. Finally, draw an inverted U.

  • Hands that rest.

    It is simply resting the hands on the baby’s abdomen with small gentle pressure and movement.

  • Ferris wheel

    The hands resting on your baby’s stomach will slowly slide down, first one and then the other. Never exceed the line of the ribs. Never lose your baby’s contact. To deepen the massage you can flex your baby’s legs and continue sliding your hands with a little more pressure.

  • Open a book

    Place your parallel thumbs on your baby’s abdomen and slide your hands out, as if you flatten the pages of a book.

  • The sun and the moon.

    Draw an imaginary clock on your baby’s abdomen. Slide your hands over your baby’s abdomen clockwise.

  • Farewell.

    Make a typing movement in the abdomen, ending in the left side of your abdomen. Move your legs to your left side and bring it to your arms if this position calms the pain.

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