Newborn first bath

Newborn first bath

First Bath

The first bath newborn baby- a real achievement. But each parent is concerned with the questions, when, how and where to bathe the baby. Proper bathing of an unstable and often crying baby requires special skills. But do not worry, each time washing the baby will become easier and easier, and the child will begin to enjoy, splashing in the water.

How often do you need to bathe the newborn?

Newborn enough two or three times a week, if you always clean the area covered with a diaper, and wash the hands and face of the baby several times a day. Except when burping or something else gets on the baby, the kids do not get dirty.
It is recommended to wash older children every day, as for them bathing becomes part of the bedtime ritual – this helps the child to relax and easily fall asleep.

Wiping a newborn with a sponge

Until the baby has enough of the rest of the umbilical cord (from 10 days to three weeks after birth), it is better to wipe it with a damp sponge so as not to wet this area. Here is how it is done:

  • Put the child on a soft, flat surface (for example, on a clean towel). Fill the container with warm water and prepare a sponge for washing.
  • Wipe only one part of the child’s body at a time, the rest of the body should be warmly wrapped depending upon weather condition.
  • Dry the area you just wiped off and go on to the next one.
  • If you accidentally wet the umbilical cord, just dry it with a dry towel.

Baby bathtub

When the umbilical cord disappears, the newborn is ready for full first bath procedures in the sink or bath. Regardless of what you choose, put a towel on the bottom so that the baby is softer to lie down. In addition, you may need the help of a spouse to keep the child. Prepare everything you need in advance so that you do not have to be distracted in the process.
List of the things required:

  • Large towel with hood
  • Soft sponge or towel for washing
  • Cotton balls
  • Baby soap
  • Baby brush or comb

So that the newborn can take a bath, you will need to fill it no more than 5 centimeters. Put a warm wash towel on the baby’s belly so that he does not catch a cold.

The purpose of bathing at an early age is to cleanse the body, not the process of being in the bath. Hold the baby under the back and head while washing. Pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Zones that are usually covered with a diaper.
  • Hands and feet. The zones between the fingers and toes.
  • The folds under the knees, on the neck, and under the buttocks.
  • The face. If it is necessary to clean the area around the eyes, use cotton balls for this.
  • Armpits – there can be strings from pajamas.
  • The area behind the ears.
  • Baby hair and cradle care

Not all babies can own heavy hair at birth, but if your child has hair, you need to wash them with soft baby shampoo. Just apply it on hair, gently massage and leave for a while. Wash the shampoo last, so that the child does not have to sit in soapy water.

Water temperature for baby

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than yours. Therefore, the temperature of the water that seems normal to you will be too hot for him. Before putting your baby near water, try the temperature at the notch of your elbow or wrist: these zones are most sensitive in adults. Water should be warm, but not hot!

And do not worry if the newborn starts crying during the first swim. So he reacts to unfamiliar sensations. Maintain a comfortable temperature in the bathroom and warm water. Reassure the child with motion sickness or song. Soon the baby will learn to love water treatments.

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